A travel guide that was born from the heart!

A journey with a thousand miles begins with a single step. Tour Dot Lanka is a company which is born from the heart where you can keep your trust on us to guide you to that single step and lead you around Sri Lanka making your holiday worthwhile. Sri Lanka is a place of treasures and wonders, let Tour Dot Lanka give you an experience where no one else can because we know your heart as we are born from the heart.

The world is a Book and Sri Lanka is a one single page filled with wonderful topics. Tour Dot Lanka is a company which will make you the main character in that page. Ten years from now you will be disappointed remembering the things that you didn't experience so cross of your bowlines, sail away from your safe harbor, Follow your heart and come with Tour Dot Lanka to Explore, dream and discover Sri Lanka.

We Tour Dot Lanka will give you a real journey to discover with your new eyes and take you into adventurous, wonderful and cultural places where you have never experienced. As a Mother Tour Dot Lanka will care for you, as a father Tour Dot Lanka will protect you, we will make you feel Sri Lanka is your home, your own motherland and you can trust us as a family.

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