Ramayana Heritage

Destinations : Colombo / Sigiriya / Dambulla / Trincomalee / Polonnaruwa / Kandy / Gurupotha / Sitakotuwa / Weragantota / Pinnawala / Hanuman Kovil / Ramboda / Nuwara Eliya / Gawagala / Divrumpola / Ella / Negombo
Duration : 10 Nights / 11 Days

Day 01

Destination: Colombo    Drive: Approximately 1 Hour (35 km)

On arrival in Sri Lanka you will be met and assisted by our Airport Representative, who will direct you to your very own Chauffeur who will transfer you to Colombo, the commercial capital of the country.
Once you check in at your hotel relax and recover from any jet lag. If you have spare time your chauffeur will introduce you to the sights and sounds of Colombo.

Overnight Stay: Hotel in Colombo

Day 02

Destination: Sigiriya      Drive: Approximately 4 ½ Hours (173 km)

Enjoy your breakfast, and head for the citadel of Sigiriya built by King kashyapa around 5th century. The entire city complex is protected by a deep moat. Yet the palace was visited by many explorers around 6the century they recorded the beauty through passionate Sigirya graffiti written on the Ketapath Pawura (Mirror wall). The fortress in surrounded by the remains of a city complex with gardens, defensive structures, reservoirs and number of brick buildings. Even today the fountain sprinklers in the water gardens are overwhelming in rainy seasons.

Destination: Dambulla      Drive: Approximately ½ an Hour (25 km)

You are indulged to visit the world heritage site, Dambulla cave temple is a splendor to the Sri Lankan tourism. On the other hand it is the largest persisting cave temple built on a 600 feet high rock in Sri lanka.

Overnight Stay: Hotel in Dambulla

Day 03

Destination: Trincomalee     Drive: Approximately ½ an hour (15 km)

The day is arranged to visit Trincomalee, basking on the east coast of Sri lanka. Acquire your breakfast early in the morning and get ready to leave. We make tremendous strides at a pace to surpass the Trincomalee where you can enjoy Swimming, Wind Surfing, Scuba Diving, Fishing and Whale watching. You can visit either the Thirukoneswaram temple or the Southern Kailasam. Perhaps both of them can be visited. Southern kailasam was built by sage Agastiyar under the instructions of Lord Shiva.

Overnight Stay: Hotel in Dambulla

Day 04

Destination: Polonnaruwa     Drive: Approximately 1 ½ Hours (67 km)

After breakfast, head for the world heritage site Polonnaruwa. It was the second capital of ancient Sri Lanka. Gradually you will find ruins of ancient palaces, monasteries and historical monuments constructed during the Polonnaruwa kingdom.

Destination: Kandy     Drive: Approximately 3 Hours (140 km)

Thence continue your tour to Kandy. By the way visit a spice and herbal garden in Matale. Your chauffeur will support you to look into the hotel.
Kandy is another world heritage site travelled by so many travelers regarding its beauty and legacy. The sacred tooth relic of Buddha, Peradeniya botanical garden, the lake amidst the city is just few of the attractions found around Kandy.
The evening of the day is arranged to visit the temple of tooth relic or the Dalada maligawa. Then move towards the kandyan arts and cultural centre. Subsequently you can enjoy the show of traditional sri lankan dancers and drummers.

Overnight Stay: Hotel in Kandy

Day 05

Destination: Gurulupotha     Drive: Approximately 2 Hours (80km)

Enjoy your breakfast and head for Gurulupotha site. Recently it was an ancient aircraft repairing centre of the demon King Rawana. It is said that the King had an air craft called ‘Dandu monara’ (according to the epic- Ramayana written by Valmiki). Subsequently you can visit the Sitakotuwa. King Rawana kidnapped queen Seetha and hid in many places. On such place was Seetakotuwa surrounded by giant trees, cascading waterfalls and full of decorous flowers.

Destination: Weragantota     Drive: Approximately 15min (6km)

Afterwards proceed to Weraganthota, whereas the aircraft of King Rawana was landed. The entire area is stretched with red soil and shrubby lands.

Overnight Stay: Hotel in Kandy

Day 06

Destination: Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage      Drive: Approximately 1 ½ Hours (50km)

Enjoy your breakfast and travel for the Elephant orphanage in Pinnawela. Pinnawela elephant orphanage was established to treat and look after the orphaned baby elephants, patriarchs and adult wild elephants that missed love, care and protection.

Destination: Ramboda     Drive: Approximately 3 Hours(100 km)

Next destination is for the Sri Bakta Hanuman devala at Ramboda village. The enormous shrine dedicated for God Hanuman is a must to be visited without denying. A 16 feet image of Lord Hanuma is worshipped and offered with special poojas.

Overnight Stay: Hotel in Ramboda

Day 07

Destination: Ramboda      Drive: N/A

The day is prepared to be spent at Ramboda, one of the idyllic settings in hill country. People believe that as it was made of the tears fed by Queen Sita, the pond never dries out. The legendary King Rawana took Queen sita on a route between the Ramboda hill and His capital Lankapura to Asoka vatika. Even today the late road which seems similar to a barren land is not grown any vegetation except grass.

Destination: Nuwara Eliya      Drive: Approximately 30mins (20km)

No any trip to Sri lanka will be completed without traveling around Nuwra eliya. So visit the labookele tea estate and tea centre. The rock called Manikattutheru is believed to be the Rock where Lord Hanuman rested while he was going to inform Sita devi to inform that Rama will rescue her. Presently there have been established an open temple with statues dedicated to Lord Rama, Sita, lakshman and Hanuman. Hindu devotees worship the temple regularly.

Overnight Stay: Hotel in Nuwara Eliya

Day 08

Destination: Gavagala     Drive: Approximately 1 Hour (20km)

As previous day, acquire your breakfast and get ready to go for Gavagala (Ghoshala). The significance is that the King Rawana had his dairy farm here and the milk was taken to his Capital of lankapura every day.

Destination: Seeta Amman Kovil      Drive: Approximately 1 Hour (27km)

Your next destination will be the Seeta amman Kovil sacrificed for Lord Rama, Seeta, lakshmana and Hanuman. The river besides the Kovil is believed to be the bathing place of Queen Sita. You will find both large and small foot prints of hanuman embedded into the rock. Devotees believe that the Lord Hanuma had a special power to transform himself to any size.

Destination: Divrumpola Temple      Drive: Approximately 1 ½ an Hour (45km)

Thereafter visit the Divrumpola temple in Keppetipola village. The temple dates back to the Pollonnaruwa kingdom. Rumors reveal that Queen Sita performed her ‘Agni Parishka’ (proved her celibacy) to her loving husband Rama at the place. Even the name ‘Divurumpola’ means of a making promise .

Destination: Istripura Temple      Drive: Approximately 1 ½ an Hour (30km)

The final travelling destination of the day will be the Istripura Temple. Yet the monkey King, hanuman arrived to Sri lanka, king Rawana immediately changed the dwelling place of Queen Seetha, and rugged the security. Ultimately you have to leave for Ella area.

Overnight Stay: Hotel in Ella

Day 09

Destination: Ella     Drive: N/A

Enjoy your breakfast and head for the Rawana cave in Ella. Actually the Ramayana trail is directly tied with Ella. In addition the demon king Rawana hid Queen Sita in various places. The caves are found at the top of the Rawana Ella falls and within the Ella rock boulder.
You will find the tunnels used by the king to travel through the hills and rocks in case of emergency. It is said that these tunnels were fully linked with his palace, airport, dairy farm and important cities. Frequently you will find the rock pool where Queen Sita used for baths.

Overnight Stay: Hotel in Negombo

Day 10

Destination: Munneswaram     Drive: Approximately 1 Hour (45km)

Get ready to leave for Munneshwaram early in the morning. The edifice is made for Lord shiva in memory of the battle between Rama and Rawana. Prince Rama believed that He was supported by the immense power of Lord Shiva because he killed Rawana. A shiva lingam is also in the kovil. Prince Rama was ordered to build four lingamas at Manavari, Thirukoneswaram, Thiruketheeswaram and Ramalingashivan by Lord Shiva.

Destination: Manawari Temple     Drive: Approximately ½ an Hour (20km)

Your next destination will be Manawari temple. It is regarded as the first lingam installed by Lord Rama so called as Ramalingashivan. Leave from Munneswaram for Negambo on closure.

Overnight Stay: Hotel in Negombo

Day 11

Destination: Airport    Drive: Approximately 15min (10km)

Now that you are at the end of your journey with us, after breakfast your chauffeur will comfortably take you to the airport in order to catch your flight and depart from beautiful Sri lanka.


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