Purify the Mind

Destinations : Yapahuwa / Dambulla Cave Temple / Hiriwadunna Trek / Polonnaruwa / Sigiriya / Kandy / Aluthgama
Duration : 10 Nights / 11 Days

Day 01

Destination: Yapahuwa    Drive: Approximately 4 Hours (137km)

Take your lunch and heard for the rock fortress of Yapahuwa. The fortress lies on a gigantic 90 meter high rock stands on the lowlands. The glamorous stairway with three flights that you have to walk on is the most attractive feature of the fortress.
The great king Buvanekabahu constructed the fortress on a huge granite rock in 1272. However with the advent of time make sure to see the statues of elephants, dragon arches, goddesses and dwarfs. Being one of the ancient capitals of Sri lanka this place is another heritage of Sri lanka.

Overnight Stay: Hotel in Yapahuwa

Day 02

Destination: Yapahuwa       Drive: N/A

You can have a full body treatment at the Ayurvedha spa in the hotel. Ayurvedha is concerned as the science by which life in it’s totally is understood. Hence a traditional Ayurvedhhic pulse diagnosis will be conducted to detect your injuries. Your meals will be consist of Ayurvedhic diets and drinks as a part of the full day treatment.

Overnight Stay: Hotel in Yapahuwa

Day 03

Destination: Dambulla     Drive: : Approximately 2 ½ Hours (103km)

Visit the world heritage site, Dambulla cave temple which is a splendor to the Sri Lankan tourism. On the other hand it is the largest persisting cave temple built on a 600 feet high rock in Sri lanka. The mural paintings, 157 statues and beautiful frescoes are certainly mysterious.

Destination: Hiriwadunna     Drive: Approximately 40 Mins (25km)

Your next destination will be Hiriwaduuna trek. Travelers can enjoy bullok cart rides, boat rides or nature trails at Hiriwadunna. Further you may be offered a chance to learn how to cook yourselves.

Destination: Polonnaruwa      Drive: Approximately 1 Hour (45 km)

After breakfast, head for the world heritage site Polonnaruwa. It was the second capital of ancient Sri Lanka. Gradually you will find ruins of ancient palaces, monasteries and historical monuments constructed during the Polonnaruwa kingdom. A cluster of recumbent, standing and seated Buddha statues carved in to a huge rock boulder can be seen at gal viharaya, Anuradhapura.

Overnight Stay: Hotel in Polonnaruwa

Day 04

Destination: Sigiriya      Drive: Approximately 1 ½ Hours (67 km)

Enjoy your breakfast, and head for the citadel of Sigiriya built by King Kashyapa around 5th century. The entire city complex is protected by a deep moat. Yet the palace was visited by many explorers around 6the century they recorded the beauty through passionate Sigirya graffiti written on the Ketapath Pawura (Mirror wall). The fortress in surrounded by the remains of a city complex with gardens, defensive structures, reservoirs and number of brick buildings. Even today the fountain sprinklers in the water gardens are overwhelming in rainy seasons.

Destination: Kandy     Drive: AApproximately 2 ½ Hours (92km)

Proceed to the world heritage site and the hill country of Kandy and visit the sacred temple of tooth relic in Kandy. The temple of the sacred tooth relic or the Dalada maligawa has to be the greatest Buddhist shrine in Sri lanka. Afterwards you can rest for a while at your meditation center. At the same time you will be prompted to learn the spiritual teachings.

Overnight Stay: Lanka Princess Hotel In Aluthgama

Day 05

Destination: Aluthgama     Drive: N/A

The lanka princess hotel in Alutgama is well known for its proficient Ayurvedic treatments, meditations and yoga treatments. It is the ideal spot to relax and free your mind. Abandon your stress and feel free to relax your both mind and soul.

You can have Ayurvedhic treatments, meditation methods, spiritual teachings, yoga plus hospitality from the Ayurvedha health centre. You are indulged to have Ayurvedhic meals plus drinks as a part of the full coursed treatment. Eventually you will be advised to maintain your diet and practice the methods to ensure the treatments for a long time.

Wellness pure program conducted by the centre is great to relax and relives stress which lasts for 6 days has about 20 treatments.

Initial Medical consultation
Medical end consultation
Head Massages
Body Synchronous massages
Oil Head Treatments
Intensive Massages
Oil Herbal Rive Massages
Herbal Baths
Flower Bath
Thai Chi
Water Gym

Gradually you will be diagnosed by a doctor at the beginning and the end to build up your healthy day routine for you. Thus the meals offered to you will be Ayurvedhic with nonalcoholic beverages.

Overnight Stay: Lanka Princess Hotel in Aluthgama

Day 06 - 10

Destination: Aluthgama - Wellness Pure Program      Drive: N/A

You can brook the Wellness Pure Program at the hotel. The meals offered will be good with nonalcoholic beverages. Moreover your daily routines may be attached with the beach facing the Indian Ocean. So you can enjoy the beach sights for a while.

Overnight Stay: Lanka Princess Hotel in Aluthgama

Day 11

Destination: Airport    Drive: Approximately 2 ½ Hours (95km)

Now that you are at the end of your journey with us, after breakfast your chauffeur will comfortably take you to the airport in order to catch your flight and depart from beautiful Sri lanka.


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