Reinvigorate Sprit and Body

Destinations : Colombo / Kandy / Dambulla / Rose Quartz Mountain / Sigiriya / Meditation & Beach Stay At The Lanka Princess Hotel
Duration : 7 Nights / 8 Days

Day 01

Destination: Colombo    Drive: Approximately 1 Hour (35 km)

On arrival in Sri Lanka you will be met and assisted by our Airport Representative, who will direct you to your very own Chauffeur who will transfer you to Colombo, the commercial capital of the country.
Once you check in at your hotel relax and recover from any jet lag. If you have spare time your chauffeur will introduce you to the sights and sounds of Colombo.

Overnight Stay: Hotel in Colombo

Day 02 and Day 03

Destination: Nilambe Meditation Center      Drive: Approximately 4 Hours (125km)

Make sure to wake up early and engage with spiritual teachings and meditations.
Lessons on Meditation
The instructor of the meditation center will emphasize you how to know the mind, shaping the mind, and freeing mind. You will have to practice meditation patterns in a new meditation hall. Obviously you will have to work under a time table provided by the center.

Overnight Stay: Nilambe Meditation Center

Day 04

Destination: Kandy      Drive: Approximately 20mins (9 km)

Proceed to the world heritage site and the hill country of Kandy and visit the sacred temple of tooth relic in Kandy. The temple of the sacred tooth relic or the Dalada maligawa has to be the greatest Buddhist shrine in Sri lanka. The Kandy Lake amidst the city is a masterpiece.

Destination: Dambulla      Drive: Approximately 2 ½ Hours (72km)

You are indulged to visit the world heritage site, Dambulla cave temple which is a splendor to the Sri Lankan tourism. On the other hand it is the largest persisting cave temple built on a 600 feet high rock in Sri lanka. You can visit five drip ledged caves at the Dambulla cave temple.

Overnight Stay: Hotel in Dambulla

Day 05

Destination: Rose Quartz Mountain      Drive: Approximately ½ an Hour (20km)

After having breakfast, head for the Rose Quartz Mountain in the middle of a thick forest. It is reckoned as the largest Rose quartz mountain in Asia. The forest expands for over 1000 hectares in land and houses a wide range ironwood and medicinal plants. A legend proclaims that the mountain belongs to the King Rawana era.

Destination: Sigiriya      Drive: Approximately 1 ½ Hours (67 km)

Enjoy your breakfast, and head for the citadel of Sigiriya built by King Kashyapa around 5th century. Sigiriya calls backs to a great civilization of Sri lanka. Yet the palace was visited by many explorers around 6th century they recorded the beauty through passionate Sigirya graffiti written on the Ketapath Pawura (Mirror wall). The fortress in surrounded by the remains of a city complex with gardens, defensive structures, reservoirs and number of brick buildings. Subsequently leave the place and go to Alutgama.

Overnight Stay: Hotel in Dambulla

Day 06

Destination: Aluthgama      Drive: Approximately 5 Hours (232 km)

You can spend your day gladsomely with proficient Ayurvedic treatments, meditations and yoga treatments. It will be a great spot to relax and free your mind. Abandon your stress and feel free to relax your mind and soul. The treatments will be a peculiar to the visitors. Never the less the Lanka Princess Hotel has ancient Ayurvedic philosophies they will focus their attention individually.

A daily meditation is offered by the Hotel. Hence a meditation program conducted by the temple located in front of the hotel can be also visited. The quietude environment in the temple is contemplation about serenity.
You can have Ayurvedhic treatments, meditation methods, spiritual teachings, yoga plus hospitality as soon as your arrival to the Ayurvedha health centre. You are indulged to have meals- three times per a day plus drinks.

Moreover yoga treatments, daily sessions will be carried out by the instructors. Yoga is beneficial as a health care and a healing method. The Yoga teachers will help you to practice the lessons in order to improve attitude, restore balance, reduce symptoms and increase vitality. Never the less Yoga is an intervention for back pain, depression, stress and several injuries.. Yoga mostly focuses on how to balance your physical and mental disorders. Apart from that yoga helps to reduce the stress hormone cortisol, lower cholesterol and regulate blood sugar levels.

Overnight Stay: Lanka Princess Hotel in Aluthgama

Day 07

Destination: Aluthgama       Drive: N/A

The day is reserved to be enjoyed and relax at the beachside or have a fine spa treatment that relaxes your both body and mind.

Overnight Stay: Lanka Princess Hotel in Aluthgama

Day 08

Destination: Airport    Drive: Approximately 2 ½ Hours (95km)

Now that you are at the end of your journey with us, after breakfast your chauffeur will comfortably take you to the airport in order to catch your flight and depart from beautiful Sri lanka.


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