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Destinations : Colombo / Tangalle / Yala / Nuwara Eliya / Horton Plains / Pinnawala / Negombo
Duration : 13 Nights / 14 Days

Day 01

Destination: Colombo    Drive: Approximately 1 Hour (31 km)

As soon as your arrived the airport, our airport representative will oblige you to find your chauffeur. Your new benignant chauffeur will introduce you the commercial capital of Sri lanka, Colombo
After checking accommodations within the hotel, you can go for sightseeing around Colombo.

Overnight Stay: Hotel in Colombo

Day 02

Destination: Tangalle     Drive: Approximately 5 Hours (195 km)

Enjoy your breakfast early in the morning and head for Tangalla. Tangalla is more famous for its widely stretched beaches. Species of beautiful fish and sea turtles swimming in the sea attract many people from all over the world.

Destination: Mulkirigala     Drive: Approximately 15min (16 km)

The Mulgirigala temple situated on a high pitched boulder covered with a thick forest. Since the focus towards Hambantota district has increased with the infrastructural development, Mulgirigala rock temple is visited by lots of tourists every day. The climb to the rock temple quite worth as you can entertain a gorgeous outlook around the area. This high rising rock temple was a brain child of King Kavantissa. Obviously the Rajamaha vihara in the terrace is a Kandyan style temple tiled with Dutch floor tiles and erected with wooden pillars. Today it has become a home for many sumptuous texts and scriptures.

Overnight Stay: Hotel in Tangalle

Day 03

Destination: Tangalle      Drive: N/A

The day is arranged either to enjoy sight scenes of Sri lankan beaches or a Safari trip to the wild.

Destination: Udawalawa National Park      Drive: Approximately 3 ½ Hours (123 km)

The day begins with a trip to the Udawalawe national park located in the southern part of Sri lanka. You will marvel at this park due to the wide range of animals and birds found here. Thus herds of wild elephants are a promise. Never the less the sanctuary is a loving home for water buffaloes, spotted or barking deer, wild boar, jackal, samba, mongoose and many more animals, reptiles, birds and fish. If you are lucky you will find leopards among the scrublands.

Overnight Stay: Hotel in Tangalle

Day 04

Destination: Mirissa - Whale Watching      Drive: Approximately 1Hour (45 km)

Wake up early and get ready to leave for Mirissa, one of the breathtakingly mysterious sunsets and sunrises are possessed. You can enjoy a trip to the Indian Ocean for whale watching. Not only whales but also you will find spinner dolphins, bottlenose dolphins, striped dolphins and risso’s dolphins in the sea. Meanwhile your guider will take you to show sperm whales.

Overnight Stay: Hotel in Tangalle

Day 05

Destination: Tangalle     Drive: N/A

You can explore number of tourist attractions around Tangalle on a Tuk-Tuk whole over the day.

Optional: TukTuk ride around Tangalle

Travelling around the city of Tangalle on a TukTuk will be a cool experience. Tangalle plays a major role in Sri lankan Tourism. Strolling on white sandy beaches will be great to immense yourself about Sri lanka. Your chauffeur will be clever enough to ride the tuk- tuk carefully and insidiously through the traffic. It will be more enjoyable for love couples.

Overnight Stay: Hotel in Tangalle

Day 06

Destination: Tangalle      Drive: N/A

Don’t be lazy. Enjoy the full day leisurely to full fill your hopeful desires and enjoy at the beach.

Overnight Stay: Hotel in Tangalle

Day 07

Destination: Yala      Drive: Approximately 2 ½ Hours (110km)

Acquire your breakfast and Go for Yala national park, the second largest national park in Sri Lanka. The park is consisted of Leopards, elephants, sloth bears, crocodiles, peacocks and birds. Further rocky outcrops and shrubby forests are expanded over Southern and Uva provinces have multiplied the beauty of the sight more.

Overnight Stay: Hotel in Yala

Day 08

Destination: Yala      Drive: N/A

Rest the day at the hotel or take a tour as you like.

Optional: Maligawila & Katharagama      Drive: Approximately 3 Hours (120 km)

The village Maligawala is so important cause of the 12 meters high limestone Buddha statue of Buddha. It dates back to the 7th century. Next head for the Maligawila Buddha statue is the Avalokitheshwara Buddha statue. It is a 10 meter high limestone portrait of Bodhisatwa Buddha. Subsequently travel for the sacred city of Kataragama. Though it is famous as a Temple it is an important tourism site of Local and foreign travelers and pilgrims since past. Kataragama Vihara Complex includes veneration places of the god Kataragama, Vishnu and Saman, Bo tree and a Buddhist monastery. See also Kiriwehera temple and Mahadevalaya.

Overnight Stay: Hotel in Yala

Day 09

Destination: Nuwara Eliya      Drive: Approximately 5 Hours (192km)

Enjoy your breakfast and leave for Nuwara eliya, so called as ‘Little England’. On the way make sure to travel for Rawana Ella falls. Even at a glance of view the Rawana Ella fall is an eye-catching water fall for Local and foreign tourists.

Overnight Stay: Hotel in Nuwara Eliya

Day 10

Destination: Horton Plains      Drive: Approximately 1 ½ Hours (30 km)

Horton plains located in Nuwara eliya, is the southern plateau of Central Province in Sri lanka. Horton plains are reckoned as the only national park in Sri lanka that allows visitors to walk and travel freely on their own tracks in the park. Misty climate, high winds are common situations here.

Overnight Stay: Hotel in Nuwara Eliya

Day 11

Destination: Negombo  

Wake up early and leave for the city of fishermen, Negambo. You can choose your own route to go through, via Kandy or via Kitulgala town.

Option 1: Temple of the Tooth Relic      Drive: Approximately 2 Hours (77 km)

The temple opined as the heart of the Kandy city. The sacred tooth relic was received to Sri lanka about 16 centuries ago. The most unique feature of the temple is the brightly colored frescoes and carvings. The sacred tooth relic is kept inside the room called ‘Vedahitina maligaya’.

Option 2: Elephant orphanage      Drive: Approximately 1 ½ Hours (50 km)

Enjoy your breakfast and depart for the Elephant orphanage in Pinnawela. Pinnawela elephant orphanage was established to treat and look after the orphaned baby elephants, patriarchs and adult wild elephants that missed love, care and protection.

Option going via Kithulgala:

Option 2: White Water Rafting      Drive: Approximately 2 Hours (75 km)

Kitulgala is a gift of nature rather than asmall town to enjoy white water rafting and trekking. The Kelani river downsides through the city is ideal to entertain the above indicated adventure based acts.

Overnight Stay: Hotel in Negombo

Day 12

Destination: Negombo      Drive: N/A

Meanwhile your helpful chauffeur will posit you the cluster of sites around Negambo, including Dutch churches and historical monuments around the village.

Overnight Stay: Hotel in Negombo

Day 13

Destination: Negombo      Drive: : N/A

The day is reserved to be enjoyed at the beach.

Overnight Stay: Hotel in Negombo

Day 14

Destination: Airport    Drive: Approximately 30min (10km)

Now that you are at the end of your journey with us, after breakfast your chauffeur will comfortably take you to the airport in order to catch your flight and depart from beautiful Sri lanka.


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