Pasikuda Beach

Beach | East Coast

Devinuwara (Dondra) Temple

Pasikuda beach, recognized as one of safest beaches in Sri lanka is very famous among the travelers who travel around the sri lankan tourism areas. It is located in the eastern coast of Sri Lanka. The nearest city is Batticloa. Throughout the year the beach is fully crowded with travelers from all around the world. The sea is visualized with crystal clear water. Foreign travelers never miss this beach as it is known as an ideal destination for a sea bath.

Visitors are walking kilo meters in to the sea because the sea is not compared toh other beaches of Sri lanka.They play, scream and entertain themselves in the beach. Even small children can dive in the sea. Some try to play with a surf board.

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Dutch Fort Batticaloa

Fort | Ancient Place

Devinuwara (Dondra) Temple

Places like Dutch fort Batticaloa attract both local and foreign travelers from all around the world. It is the main city of Eastern province of Sri lanka. This Dutch fort of Batticaloa was built on 1628 as a trading and economical administration centre of Ceylon in the Colonial era. It was used to trade cinnamon, pepper, chilly and miscellaneous things to other countries. Batticloa is called as the ‘land of the singing fish’. Not only that but also it is a testimony of Sri lankan history. At that time Protugese governors were in charge of Ceylon. The fort bulges in to a lacustrine plain

With the arrival of Dutch to Ceylon in 1602, Kandyan King Rajasingha pleased to Dutch to eradicate Protugese from the island.

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