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Dehiwala zoo is one of the oldest zoological gardens in Asia founded in 1936. It is a home to a variety of animals and birds. There are over 3000 animals and 350 species. 100 species of mammal, 110 different types of birds, 65 species of fish, 3 amphibians and 10 species of marine invertebrates can be found within the premises. The zoo also plays a huge role educating the community and conservation of the endangered species.

The zoo takes all the visitors to a world, vibrant blend of flowers with animals and with the aquarium walk through which defines the beauty of the underwater world marvel. The magnificent butterfly garden has about 30 different species of butterflies.

The garden is beautifully decorated with small streams, shrubs and trees. An artificial mist also created to control the temperature and humidity level to give a natural vibe to the environment. The landscape design of the zoo gives you a time you’ll never forget as it is very beautiful with the exotic animals and birds, as you being very close to them.

Exotic animal performances are also held at different intervals, where you could check it on the time table of the zoo. One of the greatest attractions is the elephant performance, where they dance to music, hoping on one foot and standing on their hind legs. The sea lion show is also a main attraction as it is very impressive to see the sea lion doing such great performances. Again the time table has the intervals when does these great memorable shows are held. Elephant and pony rides are also available at the zoo, which is very popular in Sri lanka tourism. A souvenir shop is available to the visitors to take home a piece of beautiful memory they had in the zoo.

Dehiwala Zoo Sri lanka Dehiwala Zoo Sri lanka Dehiwala Zoo Sri lanka

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