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Yet another sacred place to be visited in Colombno is the Gangaramaya Temple. It has been recognized as a influential travelling destination among the both local and foreign tourists and pilgrims. The Gangarama Buddhist temple is located nearby the Brira lake.

It is built around 1800s. In contrast the temple is 120 year old, but compared to the other temples of Sri Lankan history it is new. Not only in the Poya days most of the time the temple is congregated with worshippers and tourists. The temple was positioned by Venerable Hikkaduwe Sumangala nayaka thero.

Yet he is the founder Vidyodaya Pirivena in Sri Lanka provides educational and orientation facilities for Bhikkus. But now it is transformed and known as the University of Sri jayawardenapura. Devundara Sri Jinarathana Nayaka thero was the administrator of the Gangarama temple. Further Hikkaduwe Sri Sumangala nayaka thero formed a foundation to maintain the temple. It is a proud to say that a hair relic of Lord Buddha was gifted from Bangladesh. This holy relic was placed at the Gangaramaya temple.

The long perimeter wall is decorated with dwarfs, Buddhists believe that such pigmy statues avoid the bad luck and bring you the prosperity. The temple is constituted of a library and a museum rather than other temples.

In order to visit the temple the visitors are expected to behave respectably. A pure white dress is the preferred dress code. It may resemble that the purity must not bordered within your wearing but from the deepest point of your heart. You can take photographs with the temple elephant as well as playing and feeding it. The image house or the Vihara geya consists of a golden Buddha statue. It is also covered with Monuments of Some other gods, paintings and frescoes as well. Next to the image house is a sacred Bo tree. There are so many gifts that have been presented to the gangaramaya Temple by many venerable persons and gentlemen. They are preserved in a Special museum at Gangaramaya. If you are interested to see them you can visit there. The smallest Buddha statue in Sri Lanka is also conserved in the temple. Even it is tinier than your thumb.

In 1958 Galbada Gnanissara Thero was handed over the retentiveness of the temple by Vacissara Nayaka thero. Navam perahera was planned by him to ensure Buddhism in Sri Lanka. It is held at every Navam Full moon Poya day. The first perahera took place in 1979. Since now it is one of the remarkable religious and cultural event in Sri Lanka. Nearly about 100 colorfully decorated elephants, drummers, dancers, fire dancers and more are decorating this perahera. travelers can enjoy the Perahera while seating at the premises. Drummers, traditional Kandyan dancers, fire-dances, whip-dances and Flags and Decorations will be displayed in the Navam Maha Perahera of Sri Lanka.


Gangaramaya Temple Colombo Sri lanka Gangaramaya Temple Colombo Sri lanka Gangaramaya Temple Colombo Sri lanka

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