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Independence hall is one of Colombo’s many landmarks to be discovered. Independence memorial Hall located at the Independence square is a Sri lankan Heritage site among the Sri lankan Tourism. Many travelers visit the place and walk in the interior of the Hall.

This hall was build to commemorate and the victory gained from the British rule in 1948. Sri lanka has only few monuments in memory of the heroes of the Independence. The construction process was started after the independence. The construction was empowered by D.S Senanyake but it was handed over to Sir. John Kotalawela. In addition they had a vision entitled ‘ Worthy of Sri lanka’s long and impressive history.

Mr. Wynne Jonnes, Mr. Shirely D’Alwis and Mr Olivier weerasingha initiated to design the construction. In front of the Hall is a statue of late D.S Senanayaka,who was appointed as the first prime minister of Sri lanka. Even today so many reputed people, national leaders and people come to celebrate the independence we gained.

While examining the architecture used at the hall you will feel that it is similar to the kandyan magul maduwa in Kandy. In fact kandyan audience hall in kandy (Magul Viharaya) is a rich architectural monument. The columns, ceilings and pillars are decorated, carved with Traditional Sri Lankan Arts. But they are well preserved and protected. The balustrades are a creative design of Polonnaruwa Kingdom. There is a depiction on a wall contained of 25 wall sculptures of History of Sri lanka. Lovely statues of traditional Sri Lankan Lions are built nearby the entrance to the Hall. They are like security guarders of on D.S Senanyake. These lions, carved on Stones are an augur of Yapahuwa Kingdom. Finally it is has become a great manufacture. At most the hall is used to celebrate and host cultural and national ceremonies. Further it is a monument, park and a walking ground to the citizens. Former parliament of Sri lanka can be seen from the Memorial hall.

Many visitors have been forgotten the museum situated in the basement of the Independence hall. The museum has a collection of statues of Sri lankan National heroes. Statues of war heroes who dedicated their lives for the devastating, crucial 30 year war lasted between Sri lankan Army and L.T.T.E. are displayed. It would be supportable if you can visit the museum around 9.00 a.m – 5.00 p.m . Don’t walk around the hall aimlessly explore the entire site and gain more knowledge.


Independence Hall Sri lanka Independence Hall Sri lanka Independence Hall Sri lanka

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