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One of the main attractions in Colombo, where Sri lanka tours offer you is the national museum of Colombo. The national museum of Colombo is situated in Colombo 7 and it is a place you must visit as Sri lanka inherits a great rich history over a period of 2500 years. The Museum was established in 1877 by Sir William Henry Gregory the governor of Ceylon at that time.

The museum holds many artifacts from different eras of much importance to Sri lanka such as regalia, including the thrown and the crown of the kandyan monarch. Kandyan monarch is one of the highlights in Sri lanka tourism and one of the most appreciated by the tourist travel Sri lanka.

The Museum holds three main sections for Natural science, Cultural and library and natural section consists of four main sub sections as Entomology, Zoology, Botany and Geology. For entomology section there are over 95000 dry preserved insect specimens and over 5000 wet preserved insect specimens. Where Insects common around the world as well as insects which are only common in Sri lanka.
Zoology section gives the access to the faunal diversity in Sri lanka, in which the museum holds the largest faunal collection of the country. Geology section holds prehistoric items, fossils, mineral soils and many other things.
Botany section has a collection of over 1500 dried plants which includes flowering plants, ferns, mosses and liverworts and several fungi species collected from natural forests in Sri Lanka.

The cultural section is also divided into 2 main sections under ethnology and anthropology. Ethnology section has over one million cultural objects, mainly coins & currency, stone antiques, pottery, brassware, textile, furniture, etc. Anthropology holds over 600 cultural objects which go under 12 subjects such as agricultural, household, ritual, musical, etc.

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