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National Art gallery is place that must to be visited in Colombo without denying. Many travellers vist this colourful, attractive place hoping to enjoy sri lankan culture and heritage. In sinhalese it is called ‘Jathika Kala Bhavana’. This is rather a wide margin and the most attractive art gallery in Colombo. The gallery is located on Ananda Kumaraswamy mawathe, Colombo 7.A permanent exhibition hall

Eastern hall and western hall are the basic divisions of the Art gallery. Some permanent statues, models, portraits and landscapes are positioned at the permanent division. Rest of the divisions can be changed by the Sri lankan Artists.

Artists can pay the national museum and reserve the western hall/ Eastern Hall for their purposes. The western gallery is 108 x 32 feet and eastern gallery is 68 x 31 feet. Subsequently the museum is well maintained and supported. Since the Christianity was introduced to dutch in 700 A.D. this monument symbolize the highlight points of Dutch colonial architecture. Built under the consultation of dutch using dutch engineers, local labors and materials. Perhaps it is a composition between Sinhala and Dutch Architecture. Even though it is a apartment to the dutch tradition and culture. Most of the dutch records are also kept at the Wolvandaal church. It is notable that the oldest dutch institution of Ceylon was also the Wolvandaal church.

The national Art gallery is a great place to discover sri lankan culture which has been modified with the growing demands of the generation. It has been a great chance for young artists and for those who are lack of opportunity to exhibit their talents. The authority will give their utmost support to success your exhibition if you reserved the western or eastern gallery. Usually national art gallery is visited by some respectful artists. Even they are participated the exhibitions hosted at the place and eulogize and magnify the upcoming artists. Exclusively young local art-students, rising artists are on hand to describe the work which is perennially displayed. The walls are embellished with hundreds of canvasses containing vivid colors and ornaments. Sometimes we may be unable to understand the creations in such moments it is better to get advices from the administrators or the responsible artists.

For reservations you must fill out an application form obtained by the Art Division of the Head Office of the Department of Cultural Affairs. Approval of the Sri lankan Arts council and the Municipal Council of Colombo should be gained for the exhibition. Completed forms should be hand over to the Director of Cultural Affairs attached with letter of approval from the Sri Lanka Arts Council. No charges are required with the application forms. Reservations can be made visiting the Department during the office hours. A/C facilities, Podium, microphones, amplifiers, Radio/ cassette players, Video recordings, Buffels can be ordered from the Gallery. Beyond the art gallery is a beautiful environment rather than the busy and crowded life style in Colombo city. So feel free by visiting the place.


 National Art Gallery Sri lanka  National Art Gallery Sri lanka  National Art Gallery Sri lanka

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