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Weragala Purana Gallen Rajamaha Viharaya was build between two rocks. Travelers whom are aptitude of ancient history of sri lanka take tours here. It is located in 14 acre land at Arukwatte, Padukka. The originator of this temple has concerned to build this monument harmlessly and damagelessly to the environment.

The main shrine and the foundation to build the temple was placed by King Walagamba in other names King Watta gamini Abhaya. King Walagamba had to change his residency from time to time to get hid from his enemies. Excessively King Walagamba made the temples considering cave premises.

By the time it has been developed and renovated. The Buddha statues are revamped after the Kandy Kingdom. Thus the temple is in a giant thick forest. A Smadhi Buddha statue was placed on the top of the rock ‘Maha Gala’ so called as ‘ Budun Wediya Maha gala’. A facsimile of Siripa Mandiraya in Adam’s Peak can be seen here. Pilgrims call it as Punchi Sripada (Little Siripada). It is a new affixture to the Weragala Cave temple. Though it is a Buddhist temple and a monument there is a small Vishnu devale in front of the cave. Consequently it has been worshipped by Buddhist worshippers and pilgrims.

The image house is painted with beautiful frescoes and paintings. Paintings are remarkably illustrated to develop serene. Inside the Weragala Cave temple are some Buddha statues. The statues are in seated, standing and recumbent postures. In order to worship the Bo tree of the temple you have to climb up to the rock but below the cave temple. On poya days it gets crowded with so many devotees and pilgrims. However present Bhiikus and Nayaka Thero is maintaining the temple very well. Nayake thero has taken several actions to develop and assemble monumental buildings to the Weragala cave temple. Devotees accord their prime support to maintain and develop the cave temple. It is believed to be one of the sacred destinations in Colombo.


Weragala Cave Temple Weragala Cave Temple Weragala Cave Temple

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