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Wolvendal church is the Oldest protestant church in Sri lanka. Not only as a religious place but also a venerable destination to be travelled by local and international tourists. It was conveyed by the dutch on behalf of establishing church ministrations in Ceylon.

It was known as True Christian reformed Church’ at the beginning of these protestant churchs in 1658 (around 18th century). It was built in 1749 by the Dutch East India Company so called as VOC. The church took 8 years to complete the construction. 1000 devotees can be seated at the church. Rev. Mathias Wirmelskircher consecrated the church for public in 1757.

Since the Christianity was introduced to dutch in 700 A.D. this monument symbolize the highlight points of Dutch colonial architecture. Built under the consultation of dutch using dutch engineers, local labors and materials. Perhaps it is a composition between Sinhala and Dutch Architecture. Even though it is a apartment to the dutch tradition and culture. Most of the dutch records are also kept at the Wolvandaal church. It is notable that the oldest dutch institution of Ceylon was also the Wolvandaal church.

The place is a must for the history lovers. The building, paintings, statues and graves are a recall to the dutch colonial period. The walls of the church are decorated with mural tablets. The original lock at the main entrance is remarkable. The floor is tiled with tombstones of those who buried within the church. Final tombstone of the dutch was sacrificed to the Jan Gerard van Angelbeek, the last dutch governor of Sri lanka in 1799. The Wolvandaal church is now being revamped. By the way the renovations and reconstructions are maintained by the Dutch reformed church in Sri Lanka.

Some of the tombstones had to be relocated. The walls had to be repaired. The high and strong walls are 5 feet in thickness. So now on, the church has gained its former pride. Travelers say that entering the church is a relaxation to their minds. There is a dome placed in the middle of the roof of the Wolvandaal church. It is arched with brick and guarded with a brazon lion. The lion bears a sword on one hand and 7 arrows in the other hand, represents 7 provinces which were under the Dutch republic. Thus the dome you can see is not the original dome. It had to be replaced due to a blast resulted of a lightening took place in 1856. Therefore the stone slabs had to be covered with an iron covering.


Wolvendaal Church Sri lanka Wolvendaal Church Sri lanka Wolvendaal Church Sri lanka

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