Andahelena Waterfall

Waterfall | Cave

Andahelena Waterfall

Many travelers come and travel around hot tourism spots in Sri lanka and miss awesome spots that cannot comparable to any other. One such destination is ‘Andahelena’ water fall. It is a sheer beauty is located in Pituwala, about 6 km away from Elpitiya city, Galle.

From Colombo it is about 95 km in distance. The expanse area is full of greenery trees. This forest is called Beraliya jungle. It covers an area about 4774 hectares. It is about 12 m in height. The route to reach the fall is much difficult but quite worth. An elegant pool is formed at the top. Kaluwara, bakmee, telkekuna,wanasapu, venivel, Ehela, Teak, Ankenda and bata domba trees are stretching it’s branches to shade you similarly to a canopy.

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Dooli Ella

Forest | Waterfall

Dooli Ella

‘Dooli Ella’ is another cascade in Sinharaja forest, Galle. Sinharaja forest covers an area about 11330 hectares. It is declared as a World heritage site due to the worth flora and fauna diversity. Dooli ella is located in the southern offset of the Sinharaja forest.

It is about 200 feet in height. This wide terrific cascade gets this name ‘ Dooli ella’, as it is comprised of a widely spreading water fall like a spray. It is quite difficult to get closer to the water fall. Though this water fall is not travelled by many travelers you can get away from the hustle-bustle at Galle city.

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Galle Light House

Light House | Beach

Devinuwara (Dondra) Temple

Don’t get tired of searching panoramic beaches listed at Sri lankan Tourism sites. Galle Light house located at the Galle fort is one of the 14 remaining light houses of Sri Lanka. In fact the Galle fort is a UNESCO world heritage site.

The glorious Galle fort was firstly built by Portuguese in 1588. Remarkably it had been marked in the Ptolamy’s world map designed around 125-150 A.D. At that time this fort placed in Galle bay, was a quite busy port. The fort was fortified by Dutch in 17th century. Usually it was visited by Chinese, Greeks, Arabs and Indians for business and commercial trading purposes. The light house is erected 7 m above from the road.

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