Yala National Park

Wildlife Sanctuary | Nature

Yala National Park

Yala national park basking on the southern province of Sri Lanka is one of the most visited tourism destinations in Sri Lanka. Yala national park was established as a wildlife sanctuary in 1900 and upgraded as a National park in 1938.

In addition to enter the park you must come to the gateway at Tissamaharama. You can entertain an aromatic area on a safari jeep provided by the authorities. The park gets rain water during the months of May to September. Significantly the park is positioned in the dry semi arid climatic region. The park is divided in to 5 major divisions. Two of them can be accessed by the public. Ruhunu National park and the Kumana National park are open to the public.

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Buddhist Monastery | Kovil

Kataragama Vihara

Though this is famous as a temple it is an important tourism site of local and foreign travelers and pilgrims since past. Kataragama Vihara Complex includes veneration places of the god Kataragama, Vishnu and Saman, Bo tree and a Buddhist monastery. So that it has become a multi religious sacred city of Sri Lanka.

The legend behind the Temple is very interesting. Therefore hundreds of Buddhists, Hindus, Muslims and Christians visit this place daily. Kataragama is a clean and small city with wide shay roads, shops, markets. Menik ganga, so called as River of Gems can be reached easily to have a ritual bath as pilgrims do.

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Tangalle Beach

Sun Bathing | Diving

Tangalla Beach

Tangalle is a natural paradise in Sri Lanka for both local and foreign tourists. Tangalle beach is located in the Southern province of Sri Lanka. This great beach is the best opportunity to play and relax your mind other than other tourism destinations in the southern coast as well as inland sites.

This scenic beach stretch expands for about 10 kilometers and tourists can walk and feel the sun rise along the way.

Many sun worshippers and sea worshippers are preferred here due to the cozy sun light. Being a developed coastal shore of South, you can go for shopping at super markets and villas in the west of town.

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