Bahiravokanda Viharaya Buddha Statue

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Bahiravokanda Viharaya Buddha Statue

Bahiravokanda vihara biuddha statue lies within few meters from Peradeniya is a huge concrete religious monument. It is one of the numerous things to be toured and experienced in Kandy. It will take about 20 minutes to reach the statue from the Police station of Pperadeniya. Travelers enjoy the Buddha statue which is 88 feet in height with the amusement created by the statue. Visitors may have to climb few stairs to this calm and peaceful spot arranged by the Buddhist monks of Sri lanka

Even though you can see the white colored Buddha statue made on the hill at a distance from the Peradeniya city.

Certainly it can be seen from almost anywhere in Kandy city. A panoramic view to the Kandy city is appeared in the top. Indolent travelers can hire a tuk tuk or a taxi to get in to the top. Perhaps it may be windy but surely it is not a steep climb. Simultaneously you may identify the Kandy lake, football stadium, and tea factory and dotted stone boulders through the outlook from the top. Frequently a better photo collection of the landscape can be taken.

Bahiraviokanda vihara Buddha statue is one of the tallest and beautiful Buddha statues in Sri lanka. The hill where the statue was built called bahirava kanda, in sinhalese it means the devil’s hil. A stairway besides with the statue can be climbed for a greater height. In fact it will be well worth to see the statue lit up at night.

Some tourists believe that there isn’t anything important. Rather than that a trip to the bahiravakanda vihara Buddha statue will b a spectacular visit of Kandy’s famous sites. Be sure to remove your caps and shoes or slippers before entering the premise. Devotees are expected to worship Buddha statue by offering flowers and lighting oil lamps. Henceforward the site is being developed to attract more tourists.

Bahiravokanda Viharaya Buddha Statue Sri lanka Bahiravokanda Viharaya Buddha Statue Sri lanka Bahiravokanda Viharaya Buddha Statue Sri lanka

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