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Gadaladeniya Temple

Gadaladeniya temple basking on the city of kandy, is a well known tourist destination in Sri lanka. Usually it is visited by devotees, pilgrims, History enthusiasts and nature lovers. The temple of Gadaladeniya plays a key role in Sri lankan tourism. In order to reach the temple you have to come to Pilimathalawa town and travel for about 2 km passing Embekke devalaya and lanka tilake viharaya. It is indicated that later the temple was named Dharma Kirthi Viharaya.

The ancient monastery is located on a small hilltop at Diggala. In accordance to the Gadaladeniya inscription reveals that the temple was built by King Buwanekabahu 4 in the year 1344.

South Indian architect ‘Ganesvachari’ designed the temple site considering characteristically South Indian architectural feature. The hilltop gives you a panoramic out view to the entire site. You will find a dagoba to the right side from the entrance and four another small dagobas. Some say that the stupa was constructed by King Parakramabahu 5. There is a roof covering the dagoba standing on four pillars. This structure is called Vijayothpaya or Vijayantha prasada. The seated Buddha statue with four another standing Buddha statues can be worshipped in the main vihara geya (image house) of the temple. The building is covered with a temporary roof because the temple is under restoration now.

The frescoes and interior sculptures belonged to Kandyan period depicting Jataka stories of Lord Buddha seem to be fading. The makara thorana (dragon arch) is embellished with gods like brahma, Sathusta, Suyama and Natha mentioning South Indian architecture. Close to the image house is a shrine room dedicated to God Vishnu. The great chronicle of ancient Sri lanka, ‘Mahavansa’ proclaims that ‘Upulwan deviyo’ was appointed to save Buddhism in Sri lanka. As a result of that it is believed God Vishnu awakened the Buddhism of Sri Lanka. Beside the Bo tree you can see the Gadaladeniya inscription carved into the rock. By the way it is covered with a fence to prevent damaging.

Hence the temple of Gadaladeniya is subscribed towards the literary development of Sri lanka. Yet the temple was abandoned King Viraparakrama narendra singha (1707-1739 A.D)handed over it to Velivita Sri Saranankara Sangaraja thero due to the great service made for our nation. Somehow the temple is a sheer beauty perched on the Rocky boulder. It will be impressive if you could visit the temple. It will not be better to visit the temple at noon; perhaps it will fell so hot in the noon.

Gadaladeniya Temple Sri lanka Gadaladeniya Temple Sri lanka Gadaladeniya Temple Sri lanka

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