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Garrison Cemetery

Kandy garrison cemetery is located beyond the national museum of kandy and besides the lakeside. Kandy is recognized as the second largest city of the Central province of Sri lanka. The cemetery can be reached easily with walking distance from the dalada maligawa. When you are coming towards the national museum there are signposts on the left side of the main road will guide you to the hot spot.

You will find tombs and chales of people who met their deaths in Sri lanka due to the sudden climatic changes or diseases.

. It is a must to point out that the caretaker of the cemetery is doing the job very well. Therefore don’t forget to make a donation for the maintenance. The cemetery was induced in 1817 when as soon as the British retained the control of the kingdom of kandy. The cemetery was open until 1870 but cause of the lack of space it was closed. The cemetery was a memorial of former noblemen and governors. The cemetery was maintained by the Commonwealth war graves commission. Most of the graves are of the war heroes who dedicated their lives for the World War 2.

As well as graveyards of youngsters and elders who came to Sri lanka in Colonial days from England and North Britain countries can be seen in the cemetery. There are over 150 British graves in the Kandy garrison cemetery. The remaining tombstones and well maintained grave yards has made a peaceful environment on behalf of the busy environment. The colonial officer Sir John D’Oyly who was succumbed with cholera, buried in the cemetery. Walking among the graves and reading the information on the listed tombstones is a much different experience. Some of the grave yards are of young baits of malaria, cholera, elephant stampedes, typhoid tragic accidents or war. Especially kirk yards of some middle cast gentlemen like doctors, soldiers, lawyers, carpenters and government servants are positioned. In addition some of the graves are of infants and women as well. Actually the garrison cemetery is a lovely colonial find.

William Watson Mackwoods who died in 1867 due to a sudden accident while on a horse riding, David Findlay who died in 1861 killed of a crash in his house and John spottiswood Roberson who died of a attack by a wild elephant are just few of the appeared information on few tombstones erected in the cemetery.

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