Knuckles Mountain Range

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Knuckles Mountain Range

The Knuckles forest conservation which expands over Matale and Kandy district is under control of the Department of forest conservation. It is believed that the name ‘knuckles’ was assigned by the British surveyors. The mountain range gets this name as it appears like a clenched fist at a distance. Absolutely the wonderful scenery viewed from the distance is breathtakingly mysterious. Hence it is refreshing change from the hot climatic experience in Colombo.

This is a best place to relax on the way and definitely it will blow you away. The mist enveloped the peaks of the mountains seems like a heaven in the forest.

The forest houses to a cluster of exclusive flora and fauna which has a great geographical value. Knuckle’s mountain range is comprised with steep slopes, thick cloud capped hill peaks, cool streams and high cascades. (December and January are the rainy season- streams get filled to the brinks) This eco tourism paradise covers an area about 155 sq, kms. Yet the mountain range is an ideal place for hiking, mountain biking and adventure trips.

The Knuckles Mountains is well known as ‘Dumbara kandu wetiya’ among local people. Due to the high elevation you will have to get ready to experience a cold but cushy. But you may have to adopt various climatic conditions of Sri lanka within the mountain area. Further it is a good place for environmental enthusiasts to visit traditional small mountain houses. Though the area was called ‘Giri Divaina’ and as ‘Malaya rata’ recently used and accommodated by the ancient ‘Yaksha’ tribes. Even today the villagers together with about over 2000 years old historical background are living together. Meemure, kaikawala and Galamuduna are just few of the 37 villages in the Knuckle’s site.

By the way they are successfully survived with their day to day life styles by adopting the environment and engaging with farming, Chena cultivations and paddy cultivations. Though the average annual rainfall lies about 3000-5000 ml, the average temperature is approximately 35 C. beautiful waterfalls with their full force of water downsides to the Mahaweli River are running through the jungle. Namely Hulu ganga, Kalu ganga and Heen ganga are begun from the knuckle’s mountain range. So many eco tourists and nature lovers explore the entire area for studies, researches and adventures. Certainly you will marvel at this nature’s gift cause of the bio diversity, botany, biology and ecological zones.

Knuckles Mountain Range Sri lanka Knuckles Mountain Range Sri lanka Knuckles Mountain Range Sri lanka

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