Devinuwara (Dondra) Temple

Devinuwara | Vishnu Temple

Devinuwara (Dondra) Temple

Dondra (also known as Devinuwara) is also known as the City of God. This religiously relevant and established city is located about four miles away from the main city of Matara, Sri Lanka. It is however situated on a small peninsula that is interspersed amongst a lot of architectural artifacts that comprise of the huts, plantations for coconut, various huts and pillars.

These pillars are made of stone and stand in an upright position to increase the grandeur of Dondra. There is however a great and magnificent temple that is known as the Temple of Vishnu. It is also the only Vishnu temple that is in the area of Dondra.

Due to this it is very famous and popular amongst the community of Vishnu preachers. This temple also leads to a wide and broad road that contains many styles and abundance of the coconut trees. This road then leads to a plain road that leads to the group of these stone pillars that are standing straight and also are near to the sea shore. However there is a single stone pillar in the middle of it which attracts attention of the tourists. It is situated precisely at the low rocky point which serves as a way of breaking the sea waves that are amidst the stones shaped in hewn form. There are also many other tourist attractions in the temple, as the statues and pictures engraved all help an individual gather maximum of information about Vishnu. The reason why the temple is also so frequently visited even by the Sri Lankans is that, there are many hotels and tourist destinations that the people can enjoy along with the presence of this magnificent holy place in Dondra.

Moreover, there is also an inscription that is cut in the language of Singhalese and using its characters to convey the meanings. This temple is relatively popular as it is also informed about in the guides and books that are always there to be taken advantage of. The travel guides contain many pictures of the Vishnu temple in Dondra as it is actively called the City of God too by its relevance to this temple. It is therefore a great location to visit for the people who want to get some religious blessings along with the serenity and beauty of temple architecture.

Devinuwara (Dondra) Temple Sri lanka Devinuwara (Dondra) Temple Sri lanka Devinuwara (Dondra) Light House Sri lanka

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