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The beautiful village of Weligama is located near the naturally placed and large in size bay that is also shielded very heavily by the presence of coral reefs. It is one of the most beautiful and fascinating beaches of world, that it has been ranked in the list of top10 beaches in entire world and not only the country of Sri Lanka.

There are many beautiful places where a traveler or tourist can easily find the areas of the beach where one can come across the fantastic shallow reefs which can be used for snorkeling. There are also spectacular and beautiful rock formations undersea as well as the rare and beautiful marine life that can be viewed and, visited by a large number of couples, individuals and groups each year from all over the world.

These visitors love to dive in range of Weligama as profound nature has spelled its magic and bestowed various zones of Weligama with beautifully structured aquatic life. This is also largely safe place for diving and many families also find pleasure in its safety. The protection is naturally built in to the area as the depth of drive sites is just between 15 to 20 meters. It is very safe and amateurs as well as first time divers find it very easy to go in this depth. It is however also open for the other professional and longtime divers as they can choose to move to the open oceans from Weligama’s safe zones.

Moreover there are many hotels, guest houses and restaurants nearby that present a beautiful look and appearance to the guests. It is a well placed and located area as it can be seen on the map and situated near the famous city of Galle in Sri Lanka. It is in short, a pleasure to spend holidays here and travel guides are continuously placing the Diving services and facilities in Weligama among the top ranks due to the professionalism and safety staff that is ready to help the visitors at any point in time. If you too love to travel and have tours in the beach areas of Sri Lanka with a taste of diving, then Weligama is a place to be. This is a wonderful opportunity to have a safe and secure time with your family, friends and soul mate as it is good for romantic honeymoons too.

Diving at Waligama Sri lanka Diving at Waligama Sri lanka Diving at Waligama Sri lanka

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