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The Dickwella is a really good market place and town that is located in the coastal area. There are many beaches nearby and is located in the district of Matara which is in the Southern province of Sri Lanka. The place known as Dickwella is located about 22 km in the Eastern part of Matara. It is a location that is frequently visited by the tourists.

There are sandy beaches which are quite long in area and have a charm of its own as it is protected by the sandbars, reefs, and the headlands. The area therefore is also made safer for swimming purposes. Dickwella is also famous for its large Buddha statue that is considered as the largest sitting statue in Sri Lanka which is about 50 meters tall in size.

The Hummanya is also known as “blow hole” in the region of Sri Lanka and it is considered as the second largest in the league of blow holes, but Sri Lanka’s one and only. In essence it means a distance where the sound of “hoo” can easily be listened or heard by a person. It is a well known attraction for the travelers and tourists visiting the area and is well known for its uniqueness and excitement aspect. It is located in the deeper southern region of the country and it certainly has its charming aspect that thrills many and attracts people from all across Sri Lanka.

These factors all play an active role as much as the other factors like beautiful beaches and tourists locations are well known not only on the maps but also in travel guides too. Tourism gets increased due to the blow hole attracting many tourists from all across the globe due to its exciting aspects. The nearby areas are also good holiday destinations and one has to pass through the towns of Matara and Dickwella to get to the Blow Hole. Interestingly the people who go there on their own vehicles get good care facilities there and normal residents take care of these vehicles only for a nominal fee. There is a visitors’ information center built to help the visitors get better knowledge and idea on what they are experiencing and how it is significant.

Hummanaya (Blow Hole) Sri lanka Hummanaya (Blow Hole) Sri lanka Hummanaya (Blow Hole) Sri lanka

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