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The Kushtarajagala can be reached successfully on Matara as it is located on the Weligama Divisional Secretariat Division. It is a really popular place of visiting for the tourists and travelers from all over the globe and not only Sri Lanka. Many archeologists visit the place due to the monuments, statues and other interesting and historic artifacts in the Kushtarajagala.

It is located on the Colombo road and it is also a reason of high interest of travel loving people and enthusiasts in the region. There is a famous and huge image of the Avalokiteshvara that is of height 383 cm is placed as a majestic sculpture in the in not only the rock simply but in its niche to be more particular.

The estimation of the age of this sculpture can be drawn to the 6-7 AD as the various sculpture features are taken into account for the proper estimation of statue’s age. Statue’s upper part is not covered with anything but the lower part of it is however covered with the decorative girdle and the dhoti. In the statue various other ornaments have been placed to enhance its beauty by the statue makers. There are a few necklaces in the neck of statue and many beautifully crafted bangles in its arms. The feet of Kushtarajagala are also adorned with the presence of anklets.

The placement of Vitarka Mudra is on the right hand of statue while the Kataka Hasta Mudra is in the left hand of this historic and well preserved statue. In particular the statue is said to depict the concept of Mahayana that has prevailed till the 6th to 7th centuries that are A.D. A number of different and fascinating folk stories have also gathered around the Avalokiteshvara.

One of these famous stories considers a prince who came from a foreign country and he was in fact ailing from the skin diseases. He then made this statue when he visited the Agrabodhi Vihara as he also made a vow and promise to the God. Another story mentions that the statue was build when the price was cured after vowing. Many couples, families, etc. visitor the Kushatarajagala. Many magnificent hotels and guest houses in nearby Colombo city make it easier for travelers and tourists to stay in the area. The travel guides consider the Kushtarajagala as very important aspect of Colombo and its rich traditions. It is a good place to visit with a historic taste in Sri Lanka.

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