Hummanaya (Blow Hole)

Dickwella | Blow Hole | Beach


The Dickwella is a really good market place and town that is located in the coastal area. There are many beaches nearby and is located in the district of Matara which is in the Southern province of Sri Lanka. The place known as Dickwella is located about 22 km in the Eastern part of Matara. It is a location that is frequently visited by the tourists.

There are sandy beaches which are quite long in area and have a charm of its own as it is protected by the sandbars, reefs, and the headlands. The area therefore is also made safer for swimming purposes. Dickwella is also famous for its large Buddha statue that is considered as the largest sitting statue in Sri Lanka which is about 50 meters tall in size.

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Devinuwara (Dondra) Temple

Devinuwara | Vishnu Temple


Dondra (also known as Devinuwara) is also known as the City of God. This religiously relevant and established city is located about four miles away from the main city of Matara, Sri Lanka. It is however situated on a small peninsula that is interspersed amongst a lot of architectural artifacts that comprise of the huts, plantations for coconut, various huts and pillars. These pillars are made of stone and stand in an upright position to increase the grandeur of Dondra. There is however a great and magnificent temple that is known as the Temple of Vishnu. It is also the only Vishnu temple that is in the area of Dondra.

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Mirissa Water Sports

Whale Watching | Dolphin Watching | Exotic Beach


The town of Mirissa is well known amongst the tourist community as it has been a famous destination for many national and international tourists for years now. People who love to travel for holidays and want to explore new tourist destinations would seriously fall in love with the place. It is situated between the two renowned and beautiful cities of Galle and the Matara. It is in the shape of a crescent and looks aesthetically so attractive between the two cities. Clear waters, healthy environment, calm waves, and the fine sand all add to its attractiveness for the tourists from all over the globe.

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