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Matara is a beautiful place in the southern part of Sri lanka and it is considered as a well known and visited place by tourists coming so regularly to Sri Lanka. The city is also gifted with a beautiful seaside view and attracts many visitors and honeymoon couples coming to Sri Lanka.

The travel guides and many other travel websites rank Matara so highly in the Sri Lankan holiday destinations. The number of people coming on tours is continuously increasing in the city and it is a place with many exquisite beaches that can be viewed mainly on maps of the region.

The facilities in the area are so good and comprises of many tourist attractions as the hotels, guest houses, etc. are all so well structured and provide excellent facilities to all visitors.

The star fort is located in the city of Matara and it is also named as the Star Fort because of its shape in the star format. The fort has its historical and ethnic importance too and it was used historically in wars when it served to protect and secure the other main fort in the city of Matara. There are many historic and other aspects attached to the fort.

Many travelers and history students take specific interest in the star fort and examine the ways in which it was anciently used for protecting the other main fort in Matara. There are also two tiny houses preserved in a much better way as there has been limited wear and tear on these. But these tiny houses get closed on the Sunday holiday and also when the evening approaches because of their importance and preserving purpose. There are also other prisoner cells and jails that were built in place so that the war prisoners can be kept there and these cells were also built with so much intelligence to keep the prisoners as bait for the enemies. The food passing mechanism was also very good in Prison as it was built separately to fully protect the jail authorities from any mishaps. It was mainly built in the year 1940 and considered among very good war forts as it was architecturally built with British or Dutch building styles. This historic location has many nearby other tourist attractions also which makes it a worth watching and visiting place in Matara, Sri Lanka. The facilities and tourist guides are good and provide good information.

Matara Star Fort Sri lanka Matara Star Fort  Sri lanka Matara Star Fort  Sri lanka

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