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The town of Mirissa is well known amongst the tourist community as it has been a famous destination for many national and international tourists for years now. People who love to travel for holidays and want to explore new tourist destinations would seriously fall in love with the place. It is situated between the two renowned and beautiful cities of Galle and the Matara.

It is in the shape of a crescent and looks aesthetically so attractive between the two cities. Clear waters, healthy environment, calm waves, and the fine sand all add to its attractiveness for the tourists from all over the globe.

Mirissa is also well known amongst the tourists for its well structured sports facilities. The water sports like surfing, swimming, etc. are available in the zone and they are perfectly safe for children of all ages as the water is not deep. The shallow water is really good for wading but it is not recommended to go far into the sea as there are some slightly dangerous areas where depth increases. In order to get to this area, a tourist can opt for the taxi or public transport whichever he seems affordable and suitable.

There are many luxurious hotels and tourist destinations in Mirissa and that is why a lot of holiday packages are structured by them to attract and help the visitors. However, the people can opt for any cheap hotel or guest house too since there are many ranges and classes of accommodation. During the months from February to November, there is a lot of traffic and new tourists keep on traveling to beaches which in essence increases the tourism aspect of the place. The holidays are thus made perfect by a number of exciting playful activities that are mentioned a lot by the travel guides as well. One such activity is dolphin watching which makes many people stunned as they fall in love with these elegant creatures.

The presence of dolphins also attracts many people who are looking to play and interact with them too. The hotels and travel guide are also really helpful aspects as they attract the people to stay near the Whales Lanka in Weligama. The boom of this place however starts from April and goes till November as the Whales approach the sea zone of Whales Lanka which is beautifully placed on the map. The safety procedures are however necessary to be followed while going into the sea zone and the boats are really good in condition. The sanitation facilities, excellent food quality and other basic needs and necessities are fulfilled inside them which make the tourists comfortable and enjoy their tour. The beaches in turn also get good environment due to the presence of these people.

In short, Mirissa is a perfect tourist location and it has its very own fishing harbor and tourists can enjoy the Sri Lanka oceans as well in the process. Mirissa therefore is a calm and beautifully located area in Sri Lanka as it appears so pretty and attractive on the map too, due to its crescent shape and surrounded by two cities. Mirissa is therefore a destination worth visiting and one of the very best that Sri Lanka has to offer for the honeymoon couples.

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