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Matara is a beautiful place in the country of Sri Lanka that is situated at a serene and calm location. The views that can be seen from this place are spectacular and people enjoy a lot when they come to Matara. There is also a wide cultural aspect to the place and the religious traditions as well as other major modern values are followed side by side in this city.

It is situated in the south of Colombo which makes it an important city since it is near a megacity of Sri Lanka. There are shady zones, trees and greenery, some beautiful birds and wildlife as well as the profound ecosystem that mesmerizes the people from all across the globe into this very culture and city.

There are beaches and well established hotels that provide an established view to this city and help in providing an individual with the best services that Sri Lanka has to offer. Moreover, the temples and other religious places are also a special aspect of Matara as the There are many Buddhists who love to come to this temple for worship and spending some Weherahena Buddhist Temple is one of a few temples with so much class and grace attached to it. The travel guides and tourism agencies propagate this well established temple a lot in their books too. quality time at this serene place. Many people are now concerned to this place as a mark of romanticism too, because the beautiful architecture and classy looks of this temple presents a serene and breathtaking look.

Many people come and visit the temple for taking blessings from the Buddha. Historically, the temple was built as an underground temple where people used to worship but now it has emerged as one of the most important and prime examples of modernity. The reason why this temple was historically kept as a hidden temple was the fact that Buddhists wanted to save it from outside interference and other many problems in this regard. This upgraded and present temple was built in the year 1990 for the worshippers. There is a magnificent red clothed Buddha statue that is sitting outside the temple and presents a spectacular look and religious appeal to the onlookers. The Buddha is in fact shown as sitting in the Samadhi or the squatting position and it is a statue of 39 meters in height. There are overall not relics or artifacts of the historic importance or significance of this temple.

Weherahena Temple Sri lanka Weherahena Temple Wall Paintings Weherahena Temple Wall Paintings

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