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Adisham Bungalow

Adishm Bungalow is a yet another destination for tourists whom are visiting to Sri Lanka. It is also named as St. Benedict’s monastery. Adishm Bungalow is situated in just 2 km Haputale town; Sri Lanka. It was built by British noble man and a planter Sir. Thomas Lister Villiers, a British governor in 1931.

Referring to the records it took 4 years to complete the full monastery. Sir Thomas Villiars came to Sri lanka in 1887. He was a grandson of Lord John Russel - PM of Britain at that time. First he was trainee planter at Elbedde estate, Bogawantalawa. He married a daughter of a tea planter. Since she was a skillful painter she decorated the library and dining room of Adishm with her paintings.

This country house was designed by R. Booth and F. Webster in accordance to the Tudor and Jacobean style. It is situated on 10 acres of land. The bungalow is made of vigorous granite stone walls and long, narrowed windows and chimneys. Obviously it’s a luxury house. Not only the roof but also the doors, windows, stair case and floors were all covered with flat Burma teak. All the materials, used to build the bungalow were imported from England.

Hundreds of varieties of Orchids, Roses are planted in the Garden. The bungalow upsides to a bird sanctuary, forest while downsides to a wide range of mountains and valleys. It’s a must to say that the entire area of Adishm Bungalow is very beautiful as well as the Bungalow. Further you can buy Jams, cordials made of the fruits from the Garden of Adishm.

Anyway Sir. Thomas Lister Villiers toured to Brazil for 4 years and returned to Sri lanka. With that arrival he started his own tea state, Dikoya group. Soon he joined with George Stuart estate agency and he became the chairman in 1928. At that time Adisham bungalow provided residency for many noblemen, governors and reckoned visitors. After getting retired Sir Thomas Villiers sold the bungalow to the Sedawatte Mills.

In 1961 it was purchased by the Roman Catholic Church and transformed to a Roman Catholic Monastery. By the way the bungalow penetrates the whole area with its proud. Today a schedule of daily rituals and praying are carried out with few novices and monks. There are few Hindu Kovils near the Adishm Bungalow as the majority is Tamil in Haputale . The Bungalow is close to the Glanor tea estate in haputale.

Adisham Bungalow Sri lanka Adisham Bungalow Sri lanka Adisham Bungalow Sri lanka

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