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Dambatenne Tea Factory

The colonial Dambatenne Tea factory is located in the eastern part of Haputale town, Sri Lanka. The factory has earned a reputation among the travelers and tourists as a place to be toured where they can learn about the tea making process. It is just 11 km from Haputale to the preferred destination.

It covers a broad valley ringed with steep sierra. The dambetena estate extends to 2500 acres while providing residencies for 4600 population. So far approximately 1300 of them are workers. This long white factory was built by Sir Thomas Lipton. It is located in a beautiful tea state through the Dambatenne Tea factory.

There are so many tea estates in Haputale area. But few factories are allowed to travel for the visitors. Dambatenne tea factory is the chronic manufactures and a distributor of Lipton’s Tea Ltd. Dambatenne is just a tea processing centre of them.

Fermentation, rolling, drying, cutting, sieving and grading of tea were carried out in Dambatenne factory. So that we can determine that there are machines for every part of the process. The availability to watchand explore those traditional tea making process has attracted so many tourists to the Dambatenne Tea factory. Further the equipments engaged with the process are preserved well. One such equipment is a pair of huge old withering tray which was used in Colonial era is still remained today.

It is said that taking photos in the factory is not allowed. If you had to travel there in day time, it will feel so hot and stuffy in the manner of the old machines are switched on. The factory produces finest black tea. The Unilever tea division is the buyer of Lipton Brand. Eke it only purchase about 45% of the Dambatenne tea products. The majority of the Haputale town is Tamil. So that most of the factory workers are tamil.

Sir. Thomas Lipton lived in Haputale while surveying the surrounding region of his Tea Plantations. The place he used to discover and enjoy the area is called ‘Lipton’s seat’ (named after his death). Accordingly the machines which were used are still maintained by the factory keepers. But, 10 years ago these machines couldn’t rest for a second.

The factory doesn’t have tea for sale. Moreover you can travel to the Lipton’s seat as well as to the Little Worlds end. If you are desirous to watch Lipton’s seat, you should reach there early in the morning before clouds are rolling over. Once you visit up to the Lipton seat a perfect panoramic view of the exclusive area can be seen.Surely it will be breathtaking.

Dambatenne Tea Factory Sri lanka Dambatenne Tea Factory Sri lanka Dambatenne Tea Factory Sri lanka

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