Degaldoruwa Raja Maha Viharaya

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Degaldoruwa Rajamaha Viharaya

Degaldoruwa Rajamaha Viharaya itself is a cave temple. Tourists admire this temple as being presumptuous about its paintings and architecture.
The temple was built by King Rajadi Ranajsingha in 1771. It is fully designed to elaborate Kandyan Style. The temple is located in Amunugama, Kandy Sri Lanka.

The temple gets this name ‘degaldoruwa’ as it had been built at a castle where 2 rocks were touching each other. This boulder is abou40 feet in height. It is not made a natural cave, it is a man made cave. The paintings were designed by 4 painters and identified as one of the best examples for Kandyan strain paintings.

These paintings collaborate 4 Jathka stories of lord buddha including Vessanthara Jathakaya, Satthu haththa jathakaya, Suthasoma jathakaya and maha seela jathakaya. Those murals are valued as perfect examples for Kandyan folk art. Sat sati and solosmastana are depicted on the inner side of the same wall. It is believed that the degaldoruwa paintings were drawn by Devragampala Silvatenne thero.

The rock cut apartment is divided in to 2 parts. One is the drumming hall and other one is mandapa.

This is yet another enormous shrine, recently restored to become one of the most prominent landmarks of the sacred Kandy city. The temple has reclining Buddha statue (18 feet), 4 standing Buddha statues, 2 seating Buddha statues in the shrine room. The walls of the cave are fully garnished with Kandyan paintings. Even the rock surfaced ceiling is painted with the conflict between Lord Buddha and Mara, so called as Mara Yudhdhaya.

Historians say that the all these paintings were done with the materials gained from nature. By the way the paintings were repainted by lusiano Marnsi’,famous Italian painter. Therefore the authorities have the prime responsibility to conserve these paintings for the next generation. In order to worship the stupa and a bo tree, you have to take the stone stair case to the upper terrace.

The Degaldoruwa tamba sannasa or the degaldoruwa copper plate describes the construction process which was carried by the King Rajadi Rajasingha. Thus, the doorway, makara Thorana, Moonstones and monotholic pillars are characteristically features of Kandyan Architecture. In consideration many pilgrims visit the temple purposely to worship Lord Buddha. Any way all the travelers are allowed to enter the temple and not to behave infelicitously.

Degaldoruwa Rajamaha Viharaya Sri lanka Degaldoruwa Rajamaha Viharaya Sri lanka Degaldoruwa Rajamaha Viharaya Sri lanka

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