Diyaluma Falls

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Diyaluma Falls

Places Like ‘Diyaluma’ falls in other words ‘Diya Heluma’ attract so many tourists to Sri lanka. It is a high ranked water fall in Sri Lankan Tourism whether it is considered as the the 2nd tallest waterfall in Sri lanka and the 361 highest waterfall among the world.

It is Located very close to the A4 road between Wellawaya and Koslanda, 6 miles from Koslanda and 13 miles from wellawaya. If you wanted to go to the top of the water fall you will have to follow a road begins from a small rubber factory by the side of the road. Few rock pools and smaller waterfalls can be seen above the Diyaluma water fall. They can be visited within 30-40 minutes.

If you are lucky you may be able to see elephants in that area. This altitude fall gets this name as it is like a ‘Fall of smoking water’. It is a cascade of 220 m in height. It’s a must to say that the views made from the head to the foot of the fall are absolutely brilliant and stunning. The fall is fed by Poonagala Oya. She is emanated from Mahakande pass and ends to the Kuda Oya which in turn is a tributary of Kirindi Oya. Poonagala is listed as a town of beautiful tea estates.

It will be an enormous experience if you can travel there in the rainy season as it will produce the maximum and full force with millions of water drops. The water fall besides with impressive sights of a huge forest consisted of many indigenous plants, trees and herbal plants.

There is a beautiful folklore behind the waterfall. Once a king fell in love with a woman from a lower social strata. Day by day their love grew up and finally they decided to flee. On their way they had to climb up on this fall. The king made it to the top but the woman was hanging on to entangled on a rock. Unfortunately she died. It is said that the tears shed by the king are collected and turned in to the fall ‘Diyaluma’.

Peasantry believes another folklore regarding a young chieftain being expelled from his tribe and made to live in the mountains. Even Diyaluma gets a prime destination in the records of the famous historian and a surveyor R.L Brohier. So visiting Diyaluma will be refreshment to your both physical and mental health.

Diyaluma Falls Sri lanka Diyaluma Falls Sri lanka Diyaluma Falls Sri lanka

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