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Mini World’s End Passara

Abandoning Mini world’s end will be a huge mistake if you neglect it. Therefore make sure visit this beautiful tourism destination of Sri Lanka. Mini World’s End Passara is a gulf and not less than 1250 feet in depth. It seems like a younger brother of the ‘World’s end’ lying at Hortain plains.

In wanting to visit the place you have to take the Badulla- Passara road and go about 19km ahead. After passing the Passara town, turn to Pitamaruwa road and you will find the Passara – Madulsima road and have to go 42 km to reach the destination. By the way you will find a place called as Cockagala area.There you will be able to see the D.S rock which is a dedication to the Mr. D.S Senanayake.

Passing cockagala will take you to Elamanna. Therefore you have to turn right where a sign board has been placed. After going about 1.1 km along this way you will meet a Summer hut and that’s the place where foot path begins to the mini World’s end. There are several summer huts to rest and relax your faint. Travelers who are interested in hiking and mountaining can enjoy this trip to the Mini World’s end very much.

There are 2 gulfs at Cockagala area. One is Mini world’s end and the other one is the D.S rock as indicated above. There is a Shiva Devalaya (Shiva is a hindu God) at the cuspidal point of this mountain of D.S rock. In contrast the climate is warmer than in Hortain plains. The mini worlds end is located at the end of the Roeberry estate plantations. The distal range of mountains Namunukula is eye catching scenery here. It will be remarkable if you could see the sun set from the place.

It is evident as soon as you enter the place that it is like heaven, and we are the gods looking into the entire earth. Further you are advised not to look down into the abyss; sudden wind gusts will push you in to the abyss. Never the less they will be covered with thick mist. The spectacle expands from UVA province to the eastern province of Sri Lanka. A panoramic outlook of Dehigala and Doraboda rocks can be seen. Similarly they seemed like small dots among those gigantic mountain ranges. It should be indicated that places like Mini world’s end generate spectacular views among the travelers about Sri Lanka.

Mini World’s End Passara Sri lanka Mini World’s End Passara Sri lanka Mini World’s End Passara Sri lanka

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