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Rawana Ella

At a glance of view the Rawana Ella fall is a eye catching waterfall for local and foreign tourists. Whole over the day the area is crowded with tourists. This 25m high water fall is with the water resources from Heel Oya reservoir situated in Badulla district, Sri Lanka.

It has been picked out as a one of the widest waterfalls in Sri lanka. There are two waterfalls in ella. One is the Ravana Ella and the other one is Rawana falls. Rawana falls is situated above the Rawana Ella which can’t be seen from the main road.
By the way the correct name for Rawana ella is supposed to be is Bambaragma Ella. The forming part of the Ravana ella is a wild life sanctuary.

A cave called Ravana Ella cave is located near the Rawana falls. It is said that Princess Seetha had lived in this cave for a while. There is a tunnel at the middle of the grandeur water fall. Some believe that this is the ending point of the tunnel at Dowa Rock temple. But it wasn’t evidenced as no one has gained the permission to discover it.

During the dry zone the quantity of the water can be decreased. But during the rainy season it over flows the rocks . So it’s the best time to visit Rawana Ella in rainy season. The beauty of the water fall has been maximized with the beautiful mountains in the background and its over flowing water gushes over the rocks. The water fall downsides to Kirindi river.

The water fall has got this name because of a legend related with King Rawana. It expositions an ancient story between Sri lanka and India. By means of the legend King Ravana, the King of Sri lanka kidnapped the Princess Sita and took her to Sri Lanka from India. This legend is bonded with Rawana falls, not the Rawana Ella. Then he hid her in a cave behind this water fall.

The cave is yet another interesting place of tourists. Princess Sitha was the loving wife of Prince Rama. Therefore this legend was lasted with a disastrous battle between Rama and Rawana. Prince Rama for the sake of God Shiva won the battle with King Rawana and rescued Seetha . As distinguished in Ramayana (ancient Indian epic), King Rawana was a powerful demon. Sri lanka had 3 major tribes , Yaksha, Deva and Naga. In fact King Rawana was the King of Yaksha Tribes. According to the Ramayana king Rawana had a flying machine called ‘Dandumonaraya’ to travel over the world.

Rawana Ella Sri lanka Rawana Ella Sri lanka Rawana Ella Sri lanka

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