Stag Hill (Fox Hill)

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Stag Hill

The hill Stag hill in other names Fox hill is located in Diyatalawa, Sri Lanka. Diyatalawa is a garrison city in the central highlands of Uva Province, Sri Lanka. It is the city where Air Force’s gorund combating centre, Sri Lanka Military academy and the Sri Lanka Police are cladding.

Other than that Diyatalawa is a unique holiday station, resort for both local and foreign travelers all around the world. Fox hill is the place where annual Fox Hill motocross organized by the Sri Lanka Military Academy takes place. Foxhill Super cross is one of the thrilling motocross events in Sri lanka. The track was built according to the international standards of racing, runs for about 2 km in distance.

It is a great opportunity for the Sri Lankan competitors to improve their racing skills with growing demands of international racing field. On the other hand Fox hill super cross provide their commitment to raise funds for conducting training programs for military officers and treat injured officers while establishing their autonomy. Fox hill super cross is a marvelous excitement to the both local and foreign visitors. That’s why so many foreign travelers arrive to Diyatalawa garrison in the season.

In distance the stag hill appears in Blue colour. Fully covered with huge pine trees is the reason for such appearance. Diyatalawa town is situated between Bandarawela and Haputale. Both are high elevation sites at central highlands of Sri Lanka. Therefore the visitors are expected to experience a cool climate with an average temperature around 16°C .But it is variable from 8°C to 26°C.

Once the stag hill was abased, facing the railway station of Diyatalawa. The stag hill gets the name ‘Fox Hill’ due to the inscribe of a Fox with thousands of quartz and rough stones dispersed in the mountain range made by the British soldiers in the canteen town. Travelers whom are wishing to hiking and mountaining, is a great occasion to enjoy and to entertain the bio diversity in Diyatalawa area. Even the travelers can experience hoar frost in Diyatalawa. Mostly in the morning the whole area gets covered with a thick mist. During the months of December and January will give you the supreme cold season.

Many travelers come to sri lanka and miss some remarkable places contained of natural bio diversity sights in the world that cannot be ever compared. In case Diyatalawa is a Mediterranean of such natural bio diversity

Stag Hill Sri lanka Stag Hill Sri lanka Stag Hill Sri lanka

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