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Situated in the south-eastern cost shores of India also known as the pearl of the Indian Ocean, Sri Lanka the tropical island has a cultural history which begins around 30,000 years ago when it was first inhabited. Sri Lanka is a place which enhances the true beauty of nature where it embellish the true historic essence of Buddhism.

Within an area of 65,610 square kilometers encompasses the true natural beauty of tropical beaches, ancient monuments, verdant vegetation, wildlife, waterfalls and a thousand more astonishing places to please all tastes of travellers. The palm fringed beaches surrounds this amazing island and it rarely falls the sea temperature below 27 C.

Spanning over 2500 years of rich cultural heritage Sri Lanka consist of six archaeological heritage Sites in the country which can be defined as The ancient city of Polonnaruwa , The sacred city of Anuradhapura, The golden temple of Dambulla, The sacred city of Kandy,The ancient city of Sigiriya ,The old town of Galle. Travellers can experience these world heritage sites within a compact area known as the cultural triangle.

Sri Lankan architecture, visual arts, music, dancing and literature holds the imprint of the country’s centuries old Buddhist culture. Sri Lankan music and dancing are still tied closely with the religious rituals which exist from generations. High country dance which also can be known as Kandy dance has been evolved via the dancers from villages performed using complex rhythms of several drummers who use an instrument known as the ‘gatabere’ which is a wooden drum with a leather heads of cow-hide at one end and monkey skin at the other end, which can make diverging tones.

Sri Lanka is one of the most beautiful and diverse islands on this planet. Travellers can experience the most extraordinary landscapes, wildlife, amazing beaches, cultural treasures and many more once in a lifetime experiences. It’s the most amazing time to have a holiday as Sri Lanka is now recovered from the civil war and the 2004 tsunami.

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